Be The Change Youth Initiative

Music Behind the Movement

The Music Behind the Movement

Be The Change Youth Initiative, built on the belief that kids can use their gifts and talents to change the world, champions every child, including our founder. Sydney is using her gifts of singing and songwriting to encourage others and to elevate the missions of our Global Impact Partners. In January 2017, as part of a fundraiser for Hands & Feet Project, Sydney had the opportunity to meet David Leonard and Leslie Jordan, members of her favorite worship group, All Sons and Daughters. During that visit, David asked if he could hear one of her songs (Call Out to You). That moment was the beginning of a relationship that landed Sydney and Caleb at The Creak Studio in October 2017, recording eight songs for Be The Change Youth Initiative. With the help of some incredibly talented local artists from Nashville, the finished product exceeded all of our expectations.  We pray that you, or someone you know, will be blessed by these songs. To purchase the Music Behind the Movement album on iTunes, click HERE.


Written by Kimberlee Brown and Sydney Guerrette

Like many teens growing up today, Sydney deals with the negative influences of social media, especially when it comes to body image and the beauty standards of today's society. Recently, when sharing this song with a group for the first time, she said, "I look on social media and struggle with the idea that I'm not thin enough, or pretty enough, that I'm not good enough. but it's not true." Beautiful Child is a song written as a response to anyone, young or old, who might be tempted to listen to the lies of this world. To purchase Beautiful Child on iTunes, click HERE.


Written by Sydney Guerrette

In January 2017, Sydney sat down with Maggie Mader, the founder of Instead Ministries, to hear her story of dating violence. Sydney went home that night and began writing a song about Maggie's relationship with, and reliance on, God during that time. Call Out to You is a song about God's unending love for His children and a reminder that no matter our story, there is freedom in the name of Jesus Christ.  To purchase Call Out to You, click HERE.


Written by Kimberlee Brown and Sydney Guerrette

In July 2017, Sydney traveled to Rwanda with Africa New Life, a non-profit organization doing great work in that region. She immediately fell in love with the country, but more importantly, with the Rwandan people. Every Child Dream speaks to the love of Jesus for his children and the belief that helping the children of Rwanda realize their dreams can be a reality. As one of our Global Impact Partners, we are committed to the mission and vision of Africa New Life. If you would like to support their work in Rwanda, sign up for a Fundraising Initiative or purchase our Every Child Dream shirt. We give 100% of the profits of every shirt directly to Africa New Life. To purchase Every Child Dream, click HERE.


Written by Sydney Guerrette

Kingdom Come is the result of a late night homework assignment. Sydney was given two pictures and asked to write a Christian response to both. The first picture was of a homeless woman holding a crying baby in one hand and a sign saying, "Please, help!" in the other. The second picture was taken during a Black Lives Matter protest showing a man and woman yelling at one another. After about 30 minutes locked away in her room, this song was created. Christian recording artist PJ Anderson lends his vocals to the project, adding a raw vulnerability to the song. To purchase Kingdom Come on iTunes, click HERE


Written by Sydney Guerrette

After raising the $7,000 for Make-A-Wish Maine, Sydney began dreaming about kids working together to grant wishes all over the country. She began writing a song to honor some of the bravest people we've ever met and created the 50 Wishes in 50 States Challenge. Along with the song, we have a fundraising shirt specifically designed to help make these wishes a reality. During 2018, 100% of the profits from every Mighty Little Warrior shirt will be donated to Make-A-Wish Maine. To purchase Mighty Little Warrior on iTunes, click HERE.


Written by Sydney Guerrette

In the spring of 2017, the topic of teen suicide inundated the news due to a highly publicized show. During the weeks and months that followed, Sydney wrestled with the thought of how to best address this tragedy in our culture, and wrote a song encouraging others to realize they aren't alone. Reasons to Stay is a deeply personal song for Sydney and her prayer is that God will use it to help those battling depression. To purchase Reasons to Stay on iTunes, click HERE.


Written by Kimberlee Brown, Sydney Guerrette, and Delaney Ramsdell

In January 2017, Sydney was introduced to Mark Stuart, Co-Founder of Hands and Feet Project, located in Franklin, Tennessee. A few months later, she traveled to Haiti with the organization and saw, first hand, the work being done in that country. She fell in love with the people and wanted to help with the mission of reuniting families. As one of our Global Impact Partners, we are committed to the mission and vision of Hands and Feet Project. If you would like to help support the work they're doing in Haiti, sign up for a Fundraising Initiative or purchase our Set Us Apart shirt. We give 100% of the profits of every shirt directly to Hands and Feet Project. To purchase Set Us Apart on iTunes, click HERE.


Written by Sydney Guerrette

Something Beautiful is a song about how God takes our brokenness and creates something beautiful in our lives. Additionally, as we share our stories and experiences, we help others glimpse that beauty, and hopefully experience it for themselves. When we're tempted to hide the broken parts of our lives, this song encourages us to rest in the promise that God is at work. To purchase Something Beautiful, click HERE.